Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

dann hab ich mal wieder ein paar layouts dabei, die ich ausserhalb meiner CTs gemacht hab...

I wish you a merry xmas by manue
lifted from mullemaus

ombre et lumiere collabkit
tp by ninth and bloom twisted
wa by natali design
pix by Maike Seifert Photography @ ms-photo-ruegen.de

all by fanette

enjoy the magic of winter by xcenedra
pix by leandi
inspired by flippok

hopefully by aurelie
wa by skute design

I remember mama by gazebov
pix by anika
wa by natali design

winter soul by vanlentinas creations
lifted from lilamaus
pix by chelisa
wa by me

tp by kawouette
maron glaces by MCrea
pic by Anna Lindqvist

a smile addon by thalaris
lifted from ana livia
pix by chelisa

christmas soul by xcenedra
tp by eudora
pic by chelisa

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